Saturday, February 7, 2009

Self starting my disrupted engine !

Ghor kalyug they call it. In this air of so called good ness I thought of giving a try to a subject I long lost link with “SPIRITUALITY.”(oo rie baba!!) yawnn!! I m sounding boring even to myself. It’s not my cup of tea sitting and sermoning on a issue that I feel is matter of individual interpretations.

Right from Robin Sharma to Aasharamji you find babas and babis leveraging on the connectivity and appeal of this term .A hell lot of path pujaa channels have erupted from nowhere, thanks to the sudden spark of “enlightenment” in the aam junta.

I m 21(not hiding my age you see !) yet am worser than a kid wen it comes to realizing my true human entity. I am somewhere lost midway in the vestigial seas with mislaid shores. Pata nahi why but there is a hell lot of confusion encircling the circumference of my otherwise empty crappy brain. And today morning’s yoga session added fuel to my plight.

Practicing yoga asanas in the crisp of the morning breeze was such a relief from the hard hitting rock music and tedious mechanical buzzes of a gym. After the whole body cracking series of asanas we were given moral lessons of ahimsa and satya (yawn yawn!!). Well I guess I exaggerated the exclamation , it was not that boring . It actually made me reflect upon and rethink about my lifestyle which is utterly overflowing with unorganized flaws.
I lead a life which is neither under the premises of Indian ethics, nor does it suffice western cultural norms. I am in a maze…completely baffled!! For the first time I am questioning my love for wine and vodka and the sensibility of my wardrobe. I somehow felt blameworthy for my bombardous party wear collection and for all the shitty stuffs that I had done just to see how it feels like ! :(

My path is hard-hitting, situation is strenuous and uske upar se Swami ji ke gyaan bhare stirring pravachaans. I feel damn pity for my small conscious and subconscious mind. Its facing a severe tribunal of violent molestations from numerous sides. This for me is anti spirituality, the everyday dose of tactlessness and anxieties cuddled together to make you go bonkers…Ahhh m speaking all blah blah !

By the way .. happy rose day ! almost slipped from my mind you see ! :P

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

egggjammmmsss- the return of the devil :(

Me and he.. hand in hand and eyes in eyes tunes of “you took my heart away” floating in the air ..the picturisation was ohh so perfect . The next moment bam! I am back to the real cruel world…the tyranny of examinations beckons .My hands starts sweating and he makes the most yuckie expression ever and quickly leaves my hand .Examinations did it again, spoiled my moment of joy. It is undoubtedly the worst jhatka to hit the universe after the BIG BANG! Curse the wretched inventor!

Board examinations, entrances, practicals…you have not yet recovered from one attack that the other fatal blow is already on its way. Blow after blow the mysery continues. Come examinations you forget the long duration calls, oops all the calls in fact (to mere distress of the telecom giants), and parties, masti ...the life gets back to horrifying stone age!
The only thing that haunts is clearing the pass marks hurdle and securing a safe seat in any coveted institute.

Cherish a dream of a “love”ly planet . Want the flowers of romance bloom in the vicinity of a lovers paradise ??the solution is simple

P.S. this is my chota sa manifestation of frustration arising from mugging my subjects !more is yet to come