Saturday, February 7, 2009

Self starting my disrupted engine !

Ghor kalyug they call it. In this air of so called good ness I thought of giving a try to a subject I long lost link with “SPIRITUALITY.”(oo rie baba!!) yawnn!! I m sounding boring even to myself. It’s not my cup of tea sitting and sermoning on a issue that I feel is matter of individual interpretations.

Right from Robin Sharma to Aasharamji you find babas and babis leveraging on the connectivity and appeal of this term .A hell lot of path pujaa channels have erupted from nowhere, thanks to the sudden spark of “enlightenment” in the aam junta.

I m 21(not hiding my age you see !) yet am worser than a kid wen it comes to realizing my true human entity. I am somewhere lost midway in the vestigial seas with mislaid shores. Pata nahi why but there is a hell lot of confusion encircling the circumference of my otherwise empty crappy brain. And today morning’s yoga session added fuel to my plight.

Practicing yoga asanas in the crisp of the morning breeze was such a relief from the hard hitting rock music and tedious mechanical buzzes of a gym. After the whole body cracking series of asanas we were given moral lessons of ahimsa and satya (yawn yawn!!). Well I guess I exaggerated the exclamation , it was not that boring . It actually made me reflect upon and rethink about my lifestyle which is utterly overflowing with unorganized flaws.
I lead a life which is neither under the premises of Indian ethics, nor does it suffice western cultural norms. I am in a maze…completely baffled!! For the first time I am questioning my love for wine and vodka and the sensibility of my wardrobe. I somehow felt blameworthy for my bombardous party wear collection and for all the shitty stuffs that I had done just to see how it feels like ! :(

My path is hard-hitting, situation is strenuous and uske upar se Swami ji ke gyaan bhare stirring pravachaans. I feel damn pity for my small conscious and subconscious mind. Its facing a severe tribunal of violent molestations from numerous sides. This for me is anti spirituality, the everyday dose of tactlessness and anxieties cuddled together to make you go bonkers…Ahhh m speaking all blah blah !

By the way .. happy rose day ! almost slipped from my mind you see ! :P

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

egggjammmmsss- the return of the devil :(

Me and he.. hand in hand and eyes in eyes tunes of “you took my heart away” floating in the air ..the picturisation was ohh so perfect . The next moment bam! I am back to the real cruel world…the tyranny of examinations beckons .My hands starts sweating and he makes the most yuckie expression ever and quickly leaves my hand .Examinations did it again, spoiled my moment of joy. It is undoubtedly the worst jhatka to hit the universe after the BIG BANG! Curse the wretched inventor!

Board examinations, entrances, practicals…you have not yet recovered from one attack that the other fatal blow is already on its way. Blow after blow the mysery continues. Come examinations you forget the long duration calls, oops all the calls in fact (to mere distress of the telecom giants), and parties, masti ...the life gets back to horrifying stone age!
The only thing that haunts is clearing the pass marks hurdle and securing a safe seat in any coveted institute.

Cherish a dream of a “love”ly planet . Want the flowers of romance bloom in the vicinity of a lovers paradise ??the solution is simple

P.S. this is my chota sa manifestation of frustration arising from mugging my subjects !more is yet to come

Monday, January 19, 2009

slumdog and destiny

A movie is a depiction of the lucid flow of thoughts in the mind of a director.

Danny Boyle’s did it.
This guy has very well succeeded in portraying the actuality that resides in the slum .He has made us realize that what we otherwise feel FILTH is the LIFE that these people actually live …and that too sans horrid complications.
I rather don’t dwell upon the story of the movie … I would pass the honour to some accomplished movie critic for the same … I m just intrigued by some issues which played an important role in twisting Jamal’s fortune .
“It was written”. This was the caption that marked the end of this wonderful cinematic extravaganza. I loved the movie for this ….
Jamal became a millionare not because he was helped by some super power , but because he got an opportunity where he could melt down the experiences that he had gained from the hardships of a slumdog’s life. He oriented his randomly gained dexterity in the direction where he could gain the best out of the situation. It happened to him ,this was scripted by Nature . That is what was his “destiny” ,.
This movie is an answer to all the wonderful people who eulogize destiny as a power play of luck, when in reality it is entirely camaraderie of a person’s presence of mind and his circumspection.
[Kudos mr boyle ! … great job. If nothing else you made my crappy brain inhabit something worthwhile for some time atleast !]

Saturday, December 6, 2008

love to see you cry

"Y me ? "
"Only me ? "
u think its me askin such
stupid silly shit questions ????????
…I am a born brave heart!(maybe)
But then ahem! "y me ?" (( :-P ))
As in I am really falling short of appropriate vocabulary to portray my catch-22 to its fullest....
“leos are never entitled to true love “
disgusting !!!
My fellow Leos are doing gr8 wid their love lives
Y me ???((srrry had 2 ask ;-P))))
Had a break off today (poor me!! ), well not an issue ...happens …but y do I bloody trespass the restricted premises of so called "emotions" wen I am not meant for it ? ???
Well getting serious Is not being me …but then these f***** problems creep into the my life’s hassled arena …

the nastiest emotion that the human soul caters for is the love … when its deprived the result is frustration and disgust!! …..I am currently the victim of the same (if not some thing worse) !
The most remarkable thing that triggers me is that… y on this earth the being on the other end assumes me to be a born duffer ??…hey gimme a break ! I am not so dumb that I cant make out the hysterics of the prevailing situation!!!!

….i may be slated various reasons for the break off thingie …. But then its not really difficult to make out the real reason … which I surmise is .boredom !
A need for change , and most importantly …lack of emotions …!! L

I am still not very sure wat life holds for me in personal front but I am sure I am prepared 4 the worst (god forbids)!!!!

N one thing for sure this is the last serious personal blog from my side !

Dude I am not a serious type of person…!!!! …I enjoy life every moment … even if it means sealing off ur tear in the envelope of prejudiced smile ‘’’’(p.s. English translation of a dialogue from a flop bollywood movie ;) )
but still yar ...i wonder !!!
Y me ?
Not again !! lol

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

indians by calamity

“if death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as new character….would u speed up or slow down ?”

Some questions are just meant to be questions …this is one such…. It fantasizes me often …the mystery of life ….death !

I really can’t comprehend the fact that I am dying …any day … with the scenes of dread getting unleashed in my country so often… how can I substantiate myself being in the cozy warm lap of my motherland???????? …

Guwahati has witnessed many terror attacks has been a terrorist hub for quite some time now …so it really is a passé for us …we are used to receiving the news of bomb blast in neighboring vicinity… I am blogging now god knows what awaits me tonight ?

Death is inevitable …but please who wants to die with the swords of unfulfilled dreams hanging on their necks?

The best part is that the whole country is fighting against terror …its really good to see the dormancy of the futile government extinguishing for some time now ….a sudden nationalist upsurge has conquered Indian mind …that is appreciable ….

But then a few moments of tears , condolences that’s it …life will be back to normalcy again …then why this unnecessary hype for??

My query remains the same why always a misfortune to unite us ? why kargils and Mumbai terror strikes to provoke the Indian in us?
…can’t we put a honoured tag of permanency to our esteemed nationalist interests instead of being occasion oriented?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

la belle dame sans merci !

Am getting serious on this part....4 all those who always lift up the illusion that bhavjot n seriousness are born foes...actually the delicacy of this tragic ballad binds me in the vicinity of a logical reasoning ....(which u can never expect 4m me of coz)
i recall reading the poem like a rote wen i was in my eighth standard ...we jus read it for the sake of doing so ... well i guess at that age you really mind putting ur brains into rationalising the contents of a poem which immortalises the spirit of keats as worlds best poets ever !
la belle.. is a poem which portrays women as a merciless creation of nature ...(to a severe opposition of feminists of coz!!!),,but i think it is the manifestation of the dilemma which the poet went through,,,, i am kinda obsessed by the thoughts of a women as a desroyer of peace n sanctity ,wen @ tymes she eulogizes the same come the two are possible at the same time???...i dunno !!
but d truth prevails my friend!! its oh so ugly head is soon or later manifested in one form or the other...i guess the few occasions wen i was acquainted with such situations i mostly found women the tougher part to beat(i am talkin on the darker side they are tougher part to beat ) ..dunno about the era wen keats portrayed brutality of women but in dis so called 21st centuryi am kinda more inclined to the guys wen it comes to giving ur best to a relation ... i may be a complete amateur in this field..but i whole heartedly support the fact that women's mind is much more fragile than a guy's ...
irony of the situation is that women is the quick summoner of tears as compared to her male counterparts
so keats u won huh!u gets full kuddos from me !
the only regret that i hav from ur poem is that,,,, y d hell did u use singular text wen u must hav gone for plural ..or multiplurals actually!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

orkut or ahem ! chirkut???

well u wud know the answer for ur self if ur the destroyed n depressed user of the same...literally it started of as a great venture ...but with the gradual passage of tym it has degraded itself to a filthy level; courtesy some peace seeking despos who come in lookin for a dudette to get laid ...or better still to satisfy beats of frustation thundering in their puking stinking minds has become a surviving hell under the umbrella of social networking tag i dunno if this is happenin to all the dudettes thr ..
.but jus take my case into account ..i made a justified use of the privacy thingie to end the ohhh so yuckie stuff entering my scrapbook ...but now the frustation is coming along in the way of friend requests..... horrible retortion yar using pathetic slangs n swear words ....
i very contendedly took voluntary sanyaas out of the orkut maharaaj ...let the reign of guys wid fucked up minds prevail there ....i really dont giv a damn now!facebook's thr to my solace ...god bless it !
n 4 all the girls facing shit out of the orkut crap sympathies !