Saturday, December 6, 2008

love to see you cry

"Y me ? "
"Only me ? "
u think its me askin such
stupid silly shit questions ????????
…I am a born brave heart!(maybe)
But then ahem! "y me ?" (( :-P ))
As in I am really falling short of appropriate vocabulary to portray my catch-22 to its fullest....
“leos are never entitled to true love “
disgusting !!!
My fellow Leos are doing gr8 wid their love lives
Y me ???((srrry had 2 ask ;-P))))
Had a break off today (poor me!! ), well not an issue ...happens …but y do I bloody trespass the restricted premises of so called "emotions" wen I am not meant for it ? ???
Well getting serious Is not being me …but then these f***** problems creep into the my life’s hassled arena …

the nastiest emotion that the human soul caters for is the love … when its deprived the result is frustration and disgust!! …..I am currently the victim of the same (if not some thing worse) !
The most remarkable thing that triggers me is that… y on this earth the being on the other end assumes me to be a born duffer ??…hey gimme a break ! I am not so dumb that I cant make out the hysterics of the prevailing situation!!!!

….i may be slated various reasons for the break off thingie …. But then its not really difficult to make out the real reason … which I surmise is .boredom !
A need for change , and most importantly …lack of emotions …!! L

I am still not very sure wat life holds for me in personal front but I am sure I am prepared 4 the worst (god forbids)!!!!

N one thing for sure this is the last serious personal blog from my side !

Dude I am not a serious type of person…!!!! …I enjoy life every moment … even if it means sealing off ur tear in the envelope of prejudiced smile ‘’’’(p.s. English translation of a dialogue from a flop bollywood movie ;) )
but still yar ...i wonder !!!
Y me ?
Not again !! lol

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