Saturday, October 18, 2008

karzzzzzz...wen the zzzzz's neva end

u snore n snore n snore ...thats all the shit karzzzzzzz is all about ...oh my gawd how pathetic can any1 look or sound..... tanannana tandoori nights ...yuck ! our himesh baba is the sole destructor ...illusions spoiled him ,,,the movie is woth a dekko 4 its showcase of versatality that arises out of an empty puny crappy mind ...its too yuckie..recommended 4 all those who doze in multiplexes with wide open mouths ,,,, 4the rest ur shabby bedrooms wud suffice the need u don need to spoil ur sleep wid ..tanannnaanan tandoori nights junk !huh!limits boss!


Unknown said...

nice art :P

oh and y4uth \m/~

bhavjot said...

din get ya