Wednesday, December 3, 2008

indians by calamity

“if death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as new character….would u speed up or slow down ?”

Some questions are just meant to be questions …this is one such…. It fantasizes me often …the mystery of life ….death !

I really can’t comprehend the fact that I am dying …any day … with the scenes of dread getting unleashed in my country so often… how can I substantiate myself being in the cozy warm lap of my motherland???????? …

Guwahati has witnessed many terror attacks has been a terrorist hub for quite some time now …so it really is a passé for us …we are used to receiving the news of bomb blast in neighboring vicinity… I am blogging now god knows what awaits me tonight ?

Death is inevitable …but please who wants to die with the swords of unfulfilled dreams hanging on their necks?

The best part is that the whole country is fighting against terror …its really good to see the dormancy of the futile government extinguishing for some time now ….a sudden nationalist upsurge has conquered Indian mind …that is appreciable ….

But then a few moments of tears , condolences that’s it …life will be back to normalcy again …then why this unnecessary hype for??

My query remains the same why always a misfortune to unite us ? why kargils and Mumbai terror strikes to provoke the Indian in us?
…can’t we put a honoured tag of permanency to our esteemed nationalist interests instead of being occasion oriented?


harpriya said...
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bhavjot said...

thnx puja
it was tuf ..but god helped me //
n pls u cant post anon entry on my blog..
chal tk cr